Turning Forward 

Depth coaching and facilitation


Your inner state influences the people and world around you

a Process Work approach 

for individuals, leaders, practitioners, teams, companies and grass roots communities

We specialise in social services, disability support and elder care, health and education, spiritual communities and land-based communities 

get to know the muscles in your own voice and play your unique tune 

  • Create the environment that's right for your situation, person or network.
  • Become the organisation you want to be. 
  • Enable your participants to enjoy the life they want regardless of the intensity of their support needs.
  • Develop your staff to switch on to their own unique talents, your company's vision and the people you serve, person by person.
  • Create the community you want to be in, contribute to, and thrive in. 


We facilitate highly interactive experiences in real time on real issues. 

We pride ourselves on being affordable, human driven and impact focused.

 Unprocessed conflict is like CO2 in the atmosphere - things heat up. It costs money and energy and is exhausting! 

Depth coaching for individuals, leaders and practitioners 

  • Use power humanly and effectively to motivate self and others, and  influence change 

  • Have the courage and skills for difficult conversations

  • Get relief from inner irritations and disturbances and focus more freely on purpose and projects 
  • Get clarity and joy to pursue personal learning priorities, unique style and professional goals 
  • Reduce and prevent burn-out by getting connected as a team to the company vision

  • Lessen destructive gossip with compelling multiple stockholder interactions in open forums, and learn to use and enjoy fresh and frank exchange. 

  • Bring a positive ripple effect through the entire organisation and community through the joy factor - with all the ups and downs you feel happy because your inner switch is ON


Health, wellness and clinical coaching

From time to time, individuals (staff, leaders, anyone... ) may encounter an a physical or mental health concern, loss and sadness, or the pressures of caring for a person close to you. We offer clinical coaching with medically and psychologically qualified coaches for a reflection and learning space to gain new insight, access support from others and your own inner resources. 


 Conflict coaching  

Get support to interact directly – alone/with others  on a conflict, a slight disturbance, or fear of a conflict erupting. It may be not right or even impossible to work on the conflict with your actual opponent. Inner conflict tools can help, with unexpected insights and relief. 


DPI Power assessment

360 developmental coaching tool for leaders. Self-awareness involves not just knowing your strengths and weaknesses, but also knowing the impact these have on those around you. For leaders, this makes a critical difference in their effectiveness. The Diamond Power Index® is a new multi-rater leadership assessment which provides insight into a leader’s impact by evaluating how others experience their use of power.


Quality of life coaching for individuals, families, teams and networks 

CQL Personal Outcome Measures Discovery and Assessment is a quality of life measure to assess personal priorities for  great life that is also a safe life. We offer personal outcome coaching for practitioners, teams and people reliant on services. The Personal Outcomes discovery process helps you to focus on where the person's main quality of life priorities are and to get an accurate sense of the areas staff, family and others in the person's network can help to facilitate that. 


On-the-spot leadership and crisis support

On tap for the unexpected.


Our viewpoint on power 

To learn to use your power well is important for anyone, and particularly for those reliant on care and support, whose daily lives are so dependent on others. Being centred when the ground under you wobbles is an inner power. Being detached when you are stuck in the mess and need a bigger perspective is an inner power. Those who use inner powers well, tend to use positional and structural power well too.Those reliant on care and support with less outer agency often have developed inner powers through sheer force of necessity, and have a lot to teach about being human and getting along together. 

  • Feel your innate powers, and use them to steer you boat through the currents 
  • Become more aware of polarised parts inside you and help them interact 
  • Learn to defend yourself against hurtful social, cultural critics and extract useful leaning from attacks from within and without. 
  • Discover your own creative solutions with an unexpected twist. 
  • Use  inner powers to shift your mood and state of mind, and to influence the people and environment around you


Whole-service coaching program 

Create momentum across the system through your supervisors, leaders, and those carrying areas of responsibility sending a ripple effect throughout. The coaching process focuses on getting to know personal strengths and talents, learning to spar with inner critics and limiting beliefs, guide and teach others to be effective in their role and learn to catch the moment - when to relax, when to be alert and precise, when to be forthright and when to have no idea! Learn to trust and use your inner signals to lead using your unique personal style in your professional life and in daily living.


Dynamic learning hubs 

Shine a joyous curiosity on the complication, learn to follow the person you serve into their world and discover together their solutions. Applications include:

supervision, families, independent support networks, cross-division meetings and case consultations, clinical supervision, conflict capability and facilitation skills, webinars on themes arising, team facilitation  


Open Forums  

Facilitated multi-stakeholder events – learn to interact with polarised viewpoints, experience what it is like on the other side of the fence and become more at home with fresh and frank exchange that helps the whole move forward. 


Facilitations and learning 

In-house, in-situ facilitation training and ongoing support for engagement facilitators, to become adept at facilitating interactions, tensions, conflicts, meetings from within your organisation.  We create on-the-spot trainings specific to your situation. Typically, our learning labs are integrated, multi-stakeholder events so that all parties being talked about are present to interact with each other. Our learning labs can be delivered on-line. Each training involves a frame for the topic, method, and discovery into your unique way for your context. Popular topics:

  • person-directed care and support: attitudes and practice
  • facilitation in everyday life situations, teams and groups 
  • leadership styles and power  
  • conflict capability 
  • Community asset networking and engagement 



We have a core team of Process Work trained coaches as well as support specialists. We are from diverse cultures, backgrounds, generations, and fields of experience: leadership, human services, healthcare and mental health, the arts, business development and finance, media, agriculture and horticulture, psychology, wellness in environmental design.

We have been active in the field of disability support, elder care, social services and education since the early 1980s. We know from the inside what it is like as front-line workers, and we have been in leadership roles during dynamic and turbulent times. We understand the pressures from an increasingly regulatory external environment and funding restrictions, and we understand the internal pressures within people for better lives. 

Depth coaching begins wherever you are at: be it personal health and agency, team work, community stakeholder engagement and leadership development, we view these areas as one interactive system. An interaction at one level has a ripple effect throughout the organisation. In this sense, the functions of care, laundry, gardening, paper work, environmental services and management for example, are as important as direct work. The people you serve can more easily surf the ups and downs of life - because everyone supporting them is too. We are inspired by our teachers: nature, the founders of Process Work Amy and Arnold Mindell, the co-founders of the global Deep Democracy Institute Ellen and Max Schupbach,  people around the world we have worked with and learned from, and wisdom keepers ancient and contemporary. 



We work with you anywhere in the world  

online via skype, hangout, zoom, WhatsApp, phone, VSee etc. All you need is an internet or phone connection. 


We use fair-trade prices adjusted to local economies. 

We are at your virtual doorstep in an instant

We co-design with you, tailored to your situation.
We care for our working relationship.
We are on-call.  
We adjust based on your experience, as we go. 
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