Transform and blossom 

A depth capacity-building framework

Depth = navigate experience, show tangible results and blossom!

learn, lead and come alive together

A Deep Democracy Institute (DDI) informed approach 

Our specialties

JoinU  ~ Facilitate Collaboration ~ Make conflict fruitful

  • Specialise in education, health, care and residential services for personal and collective vibrancy and impact
  • Accompany and coach leaders to lead from their unique navigation style, to co-create the world that clients/students want and everyone can blossom in
  • Facilitate and coach for human-system alignment
  • Develop and coach train the-trainer in-house role models to up-skill their practitioners in JoinU, facilitation and conflict competence
  • Coach anyone to bring their full self into any situation
  • Measure impact

Who uses us?

  • mixed abilities services
  • health services
  • schools, learning institutes
  • elder care and assisted living
  • grass roots, urban and land-based communities
  • criminal and youth justice
  • social entrepeneurs
  • artists and creatives
  • government, non-government

Promote down

Many education, care, and social service organisations face the “promote up” dilemma. The best people end up in offices and administration: one, two or more layers removed from the giver-receiver experience and impact. The people on the ground do their best but lack role models and inspirators on the frontline in the moment of action and as shoulder–to–shoulder allies. We “promote down” through a tailored–to–you train the trainer and coaching model designed for and with your best people. We train your best to go back down to the ground, while co-steering the boat in it’s inherent direction. We develop with you a team of in-house coaches who seed and grow facilitation, conflict skills and JoinU capabilities back down, across, throughout and beyond your entire human system. 

Quality of life and quality of learning is not measured in checklists with do’s and dont’s. The only person who truly knows if, when and how quality education, care and services are present, is the person on the receiving end. Everything stands and falls on her/his/their experience. Using an alchemical mix of process-oriented methods with state of the art frontier quality of life discovery and measurement tools, and trauma-informed approaches, we teach and coach a holographic two–way and multi-way human interaction. Our JoinU Discovery Pathway for Impact is a joint venture between person, coach and team, to learn to enter the person’s dreaming, priorities, life situation, and preferences as a mirror of the diverse learning and growth paths of team members and the entire system.

In a snail's-shell

Dream-oriented leadership, self-powered people, impactful organisations and communities in an interconnected world

The name Turning Forward as symbolised in our logo expresses inner and outer as two sides of the same coin. Moving forward involves turning inward, to the source of inner richness and creative solutions. Social and personal fields are inseperable, and so movement in one area impacts the other. Let your inner powers and the field around you move you to learn, lead and live your unique trail in the world, joyously! This little snail carries her home on her back, is alert, goes at her own pace, and allows her inner and outer beauty to shine, mirroring the glowing sun.

Foundation text

Awaken and animate inner powers organically, while building capacity to JoinU, facilitate collaboration and make conflict fruitful as a living art

The question is not what you look at, but what you see

David Thoreau

Show your spirit, and show your community spirit

Max Schupbach

If you can access freedom in your inner state you will find a way to get things done

Jessica Genauer

Contact Turning Forward

Shift inner and outer conditions that entrench loneliness, mistreatment and boredom, and liberate meaningful purpose, friendship and contribution.

Julia Wolfson

Julia Wolfson

PhD, PW Dipl.

Hi, I’m Julia, founder of Turning Forward. I have lived and worked with people who have distinct and unique gifts and abilities. I’ve been a front-line worker in care and support services, and I have been in leadership roles during times of crisis and change. I recently stopped calling myself a consultant, to help me remember that I am learning to allow experience in the here and now to guide me.

Thank you to the many people have helped and guided me. Thank you to Amy and Arnold Mindell, founders of Process Work, to Ellen and Max Schupbach founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, to Julie Diamond of Diamond Leadership and Power Intelligence.

Turning Forward is active in different countries and cultures. I and my colleagues often work with people and leaders in organisations where mistreatment, exploitation and neglect have come to light. The journey from custodial care to becoming enablers of dream-driven people and communities starts with feeling the impact on others of missed opportunities and harm – whether intentional or unintentional. We apply Process Work, a highly experiential and empirically validated strengths-based approach, to transform wounds of history into present day solutions for self-powered, dream driven lives and communities. Process Work is founded by Arnold Mindell and continuously developed with Amy Mindell and colleagues around the world.

Beyond the training room into agile learning hubs

Often, what happens in the training room on Friday has little or no carry over. By Monday things have changed and Friday is long left behind: the “Monday morning effect”. Regular, flexible learning hubs make space for on-the-spot deepening ~ a living glue. A practice ground for depth-coaching, depth-facilitation and deep democracy conflict awareness in real situations. People are more likely to “get it” and embody what they take from the learning experience. 

JoinU addresses our purpose, our high dream: The blossoming of people reliant on support. JoinU lights a spark to radiate through everyone and the entire system in all its diversity, and through each person, into the world at large.  

JoinU competence

JoinU practitioners and teams step into the world and mindset of the person. They get that the person-helper experience is a holographic patterning of prevailing norms and often agonising diversity and marignalization experiences. JoinU practitioners help while supporting the person’s self-navigation and dream-driven direction to emerge and blossom. 

  • Can track the person's sensory grounded signals and subtle feelings to follow the trail "home" – a mirror of her own
  • Can assist the person to show up fully, shine and teach lessons for humanity, in My Story artefacts, videos and performance
  • Can facilitate the person's agency and team buy in for JoinU outcomes in Individual Support and Education Plans (ISP, IEP etc)

Facilitation competence

Facilitation is a lifestyle art that mirrors your unique way of being. Learn to co-facilitate yourself, the people you work with, and the entire community to to bring their full selves, get results and blossom. 

  • Can bring out the dream, goal or complication of the team, situation, or person and facilitate polarity or tension to access deeper wisdom and solutions.
  • Can facilitate expression of diversity and support the person, team or relationship to find its own path forward with the diversity present.
  • Has a welcoming attitude to difference, complications and the unknown.

Conflict competence

Conflict is  a fragment of a larger process wanting to emerge; captured and frozen in time. Using the DDI conflict cycle, and Process Work’s phases concept, learn to identify the phase the conflict is in. intervention is most and outer critics into encouraging allies. Flow with difficulties. Ride the ups and downs with more ease, agency and blossoming. 

  • Can notice how the outer tension, mood or full blown conflict is also present in her/him/them.
  • Can navigate the situation using the DDI conflict cycle and apply a specific intervention suitable to the phase the conflict is in.
  • Has a basic attitude "today you, tomorrow me"

Your state of mind is your responsibility and the only thing you can control. Your inner state influences the world around you. Wake up your inner powers to better use your assigned power, privileges and rank. Facilitate more relatedness and flow in stuck situations. Befriend complications to make conflict fruitful. Go inside, and connect to your inner ground. Detach, and gain a larger perspective to look back at your situation through other eyes. Get to know your unique, ever-present U, your inner navigator to the U emerging in the person you are helping. JoinU with the attitude "today you, tomorrow me" as your teacher.

Synergy? Spark? Love to hear from you!

We work with you anywhere in the world: on-site (covid permitting) and online via skype, hangout, zoom, WhatsApp, phone, WeChat, VSee etc. All you need is an internet or phone connection. We use fair-trade prices adjusted to local economies. We are at your virtual doorstep in an instant.



Phone: +61 0402085570

Skype: juliawolfson


Turn in: what is my joy, my path? (Me)

Turn out: my path, your path (Me and you)

Turn forward: many paths are one (Us)

Living on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, Australia. I acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which I live, work and travel. I acknowledge that sovereignty of those lands has never been ceded. I pay my respects to Elders both past and present and acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice Elders have made to better our communities and future.

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Turn yourself and

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