Our purpose 

Turning Forward is an international network providing facilitation, personal and professional development and coaching for leaders, teams and people-oriented organisations based on our ability to accompany complex transformations, in order to support your power to live your dreams. 

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Turning in, and find your own path 

Turning out, and discover each others' paths 

Turning forward, and co-create a path with many paths 

Turning Forward applies a grass roots learning, leadership and co-creative approach to being the future now

Turning Forward accompanies your track-finding - we enter new territory with you, and work with you to make it easier for you to find and follow your way with your partners, teams and colleagues in the direction you want to go.

We go wherever you are in the world. We assist you to discover your inner powers, your timeless direction and make the impact you want to have in service to the need you want to address in the world. We believe you have a unique style as a leader of your own life, an influential partner in your community and a collaborative transformer of your organisation. Our approaches focus on your authentic way of expressing your deepest self in your projects, your role and your relationships in navigating the diverse parts of your life as a wondrous moment-by-moment adventure. 

We facilitate, coach and research in three areas:

  • Personal development to enhance your practice
  • Organisational and team transitions 
  • Leadership - using your authentic self to be of influence and achieve your purpose   

We focus on uncovering information and wisdom in the contradictions and surprises in every-day experiences, and in the larger patterns behind seemingly disconnected events. We believe that befriending problems and fears helps creativity, stability and the experience of community-in-the-moment with life-enhancing + world-changing results. This is our approach to process-oriented deep democracy and worldwork, in every day life, in leadership and for thriving organisations. 

Our specialties are:
  • mulit-stakeholder transitions and reforms 
  • leadership development, transitions and succession
  • strengthen a 'can-do' atmosphere and approaches in diversity-friendly communities 
  • large group processes on hot topics to make visible what is, what can be and how to get there 
  • working with tension, conflict and diversity as community enhancing powers
  • transformational learning labs and seminars: self + team + world = whole

Specific to human service environments:

  • transitions from custodial care to self-powered people and communities in which people reliant on support and those providing support can grow, are safe and are free to pursue their life path

We believe is it is easier to access and rekindle inner motivation in an open-minded, curious and friendly atmosphere – enjoy the good times and get through the tough times intact, including when hard decisions need to be taken. Tension and conflict are inevitable, and need not be only terrifying. Trouble is often nature's way of awakening us to our inner power for freedom, creativity and sustained solutions inside ourselves, in relationships and in the world. With awareness, problems can be our freeway to self-navigation and the experience of togetherness and community.

Our working style:

We co-design your requirements with you
We care for our relationship with you 
We offer on-call responsiveness to you
We go the journey with you