Discover within what is trying to happen without, and seek without the emerging future from within


Human-centred and dream-driven learning and outcomes 


Follow nature and your inner direction to flourish alone and together in a more related world


Applying Process Work facilitation, depth coaching and deep democracy attitude to being with the person, team or collective as teacher of the present moment and what is trying to happen.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Teams, conflict competence and community building
  • Self-powered support arrangements

Who with

  • Individuals in support situations
  • Leaders, practitioners, family members, specialists
  • Organisations, teams, communities

Turn loneliness, mistreatment and boredom into a meaningful life of purpose, friendship and contribution with a ripple effect into the whole of society. 

In human services

Where gifted people want to be seen, unfold talents and use innate strengths to lead, learn and live. 

In a nutshell


Dream driven, self-powered people, communities and organisations in an interconnected world.

The name Turning Forward as symbolised in our logo follows the inner-outer mirroring principle. Moving forward involves turning inward, to the source of inner richness and creative solutions. Let your inner powers and the field around you move you to learn, lead and live your unique trail in the world, joyously! This little snail carries her home on her back, is totally alert, goes at her own pace, and allows her inner and outer beauty to shine in the glowing sun.

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How to awaken natural strengths and integrate in your life, relationships and world. 

The question is not what you look at, but what you see

David Thoreau

"Person-centred practices are used in teams and organisations to ensure that the focus is on what matters to the people receiving support and their families, and pays attention to how to support staff as well. Person-centred approaches ensure that we see people as unique individuals with valuable gifts and contributions".
  • social assistance
  • diverse abilities and thinking styles
  • health
  • education
  • elder care
  • grass roots, urban and land-based communities
  • criminal and youth justice
  • social entrepeneurs and innovation
  • artists and creatives
Julia Wolfson

Julia Wolfson

PhD, PW Dipl.

Hi, I’m Julia, founder of Turning Forward. I have lived and worked with people who have distinct and unique gifts and abilities. I’ve been a front-line worker in care and support services, and I have been in leadership roles during times of crisis and change. I recently stopped calling myself a consultant, to help me remember that I am learning to allow experience to guide my learning. 

Thank you to the many people have helped and guided me. Thank you to Amy and Arnold Mindell, founders of Processwork, to Ellen and Max Schupbach founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, to Julie Diamond of Diamond Leadership and Power Intelligence.

Turning Forward is active in different countries and cultures. I and my colleagues often work with people and leaders in organisations where mistreatment, exploitation and neglect have come to light. The journey from custodial care to becoming enablers of dream-driven people and communities starts with feeling the impact on others of missed opportunities and harm – whether intentional or unintentional. We apply Processwork, which is highly experiential and strengths-based, to transform wounds of history into present day solutions for self-powered, dream driven lives and communities. Processwork is founded by Arnold Mindell and continuously developed with Amy Mindell and colleagues around the world.

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Beyond the training room into agile learning hubs

Often, what happens in the training room on Friday has little or no carry over to Monday. The status quo remains. I call this the “Monday morning effect”. Our coaching, facilitation and learning hubs are symbiotic personal-team-whole community experiences across the board. Everyone present carries the experience forward, so the impact is immediate. 

Depth coaching

Depth coaching supports personal and professional development for effectiveness in your role, your relationships and your career. Be  leader of your life. Find out what is really important to you. Learn to turn inner and outer critics into encouraging allies. Feel the impact of your behaviours and attitudes, so you can target specific areas of new learning. Flow better with difficulties, to ride the ups and downs with more ease and agency. 

  • Find your inner ground when you are uncertain, detachment when you are stuck
  • Gain energy and agency to flow better with your role, your vision, your team and yourself
  • Learn to hack your moods and your conflicts as creative nudges for new identity


Our facilitation approach is based on the inner-outer principle. What happens on the inside is a mirror of the outside and visa versa. The facilitator’s inner experience, the person-helper dyad, person and team, team and culture, leadership, organisation and world are all interconnected and influencing each other. To facilitate with this awareness is a path of ongoing study and learning. It requires analytical skills, psychological bandwidth and  intangibles in the atmosphere and visions to bring more flow and self-balancing into a situation.  

  • Learn to be a learner
  • Learn to stay centred under pressure, and still be helpful to the whole situation
  • Gain skills to work fruitfully with complications, moods and conflicts

Learning hubs

We coach in-house engagement facilitators to move with agility from situation to situation and turn any situation into a learning opportunity: a learning hub. We apply Processwork’s energising role play method to help move things forward. Anyone one any side of an issue can step into another perspective and get greater insight and shared solutions get easier. The process itself encourages a learning attitude to questions and problems. A small mind shift can shift the status quo and make a big difference! 

  • Person-directed quality of life planning
  • Dynamic case consultations, supervision
  • Team building, public open forums

Your inner state influences the world around you. Bring flow into stuck situations. Befriend complications. Awaken your innate powers. Go inside, and connect to your inner ground. Detach, and gain a larger perspective to look back at your situation though other eyes. Get to know your unique, ever-present BIG YOU and learn to use it to help yourself and your world.

Get in touch

We work with you anywhere in the world: on-site and online via skype, hangout, zoom, WhatsApp, phone, VSee etc. All you need is an internet or phone connection. We use fair-trade prices adjusted to local economies. We are at your virtual doorstep in an instant.



Phone: +61 0402085570

Skype: juliawolfson

Living on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, Australia

Turn in: what is my joy, my path? (Me)

Turn out: my path, your path (Me and you)

Turn forward: many paths are one (Us)

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which I live, work and travel. I acknowledge that sovereignty of those lands has never been ceded. I pay my respects to Elders both past and present and acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice Elders have made to better our communities and future.

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Turn yourself and

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