Julia Wolfson PhD PW Dipl. 


After working in start ups, therapeutic communities, urban and land-based social enterprises and collectives for twenty years, Turning Forward emerged as my organisational home for facilitating personal and collective engagement and growth in phases of accelerated change. Change happens, breath by breath, phase by phase, whether as a result of pressures from the inside-out, from the outside-in and/or simply being moved by the spirit of the times. Over the past 40 years, my experience has spanned Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Wales, Israel, South Africa, Botswana, Norway, France, Sweden, USA, and Canada in various contexts - social services and housing, education, agriculture, business, media, and the military. 

My experience in a range of roles from within organisations has helped me to appreciate the experience of role holders  - as practitioner, administrator, educator, small business manager,  in HR, as a team member and leader.

My experience, study and training as a facilitator, coach and consultant enable me to assist people and teams to discover the constant and stable elements hidden within the patterns of daily living and working, chaotic change, in the midst of tensions and conflict, as well as in the high dreams for self, others and the world. I have a special interest in the transformation of social care institutions recovering in the aftermath of abuse and becoming facilitators of self-powered people and communities.

I love working with people in the action finding energy points of leverage for an easier and more joyous life, work and relationships. In this atmosphere, it is easier for the whole to self-organise, true to its abiding purpose, even when times are tough. People at all levels of a collective can discover her/his unique way to facilitate their own being, dream and enjoy an entrepreneurial mindset to implement purposeful action. The heaviest load can feel lighter, when meaning, joy and the pull to cooperate through tensions and conflict, align. 


  • Diplomate Process-oriented Psychology, Deep Democracy Institute specialising in leadership, facilitation, coaching and conflict awareness. 
  • Ph.D in Human Ecology, ANU, Canberra - Doctoral thesis: Snakes and Ladders: Emergence of Deep Power in Transformational Change (2013)
  • Masters of Applied Science in Social Ecology: University of Western Sydney (UWS) Australia. Organisational Development (2000)
  • Ongoing intensive training with the global Deep Democracy Institute (DDI) - facilitation, leadership, coaching, consulting, conflict work in businesses, non-profits and grass roots initatives
  • Certified trainer and assessor with Council on Quality and Leadership using Personal Outcome Measures® to learn what matters most to children and their families, youth and adults reliant on support.
  • Certified facilitator LOTS® Scandinanvian Leadership
  • Mediation: Resolution Institute (formerly LEADR)
  • Conflict Coaching: CINERGY®
  • EMDR: (trauma therapy) Child Trauma Institute, Greenfield, Ma USA

Voluntary Roles 

  • Chair Board of Directors, Metavision Institute, NSW, Australia
  • Treasurer, ARLASH - Alliance for Regenerative Landscapes and Social Health, Australia
  • Co-founder, Fenner School Writing Group, Australian National University, Canberra 


  • Member Resolution Institute, professional ADR association - Australia and New Zealand
  • Visiting scholar, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. 


 Applying deep democracy in human services: diversity, inclusion and innate powers 

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 Simone Brecht MBA



You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”*     Andre Gide

This is one of my favorite proverbs to describe transformation within individuals and organisations especially if I add another thought: " Sometimes a new lake will do." Andre Gide

Professional Background

I am a Turning Forward network partner since 2014. I bring to our projects my experience in leadership, entrepeneurship and business development. I have 13 years of management and executive experience in the area of media and digital business. I served seven years as Vice President the executive board of the internet company AOL and 5 years as publishing director of Medienhaus Milchstraße/Burda)

 Consulting, Training and Coaching

My focus areas are: facilitation of strategy and/or transformation processes, leadership consulting and training, conflict resolution and executive coaching

 Education and Further Training

  • Study of processwork facilitation and coaching focusing on conflict resolution and communication for individuals and groups at the Deep Democracy Institute, USA & Europe
  • Systemic Consultant qualification from the Neuwaldegg Consulting Group, Vienna, Austria
  • “Train the trainer” education at the Osterberg Institute, Malente, Germany
  • MBA from the University of Louisville, USA
  • Business Economy graduate from the University of Pforzheim, Germany
  • Publisher apprenticeship, Südkurier, Konstanz, Germany

I have a passion for Tai Chi. I use elements from Tai Chi in our coaching and seminars, to bring inner movement into outer expression with leaders, teams and whole organisations. Furthermore I love exploring cities, cultures and countries and enjoy working in diverse teams.



Elsa Henderson MA, PW Dipl.

I have lived and worked in cross-cultural communities, eco-villages and educational contexts such as Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland and Sacha Mama in Lamas Peru. My experience spans from leading trainings in care provider organizations such as Transition Projects and Camphill, facilitating meetings and organizational change processes with local cooperative businesses, and cross-cultural organizations such as the Cyprus Friendship program.  

My Focus: I support individuals, groups and teams to  increase their impact, clear communication, strengthen relationships.  I specialize in, communication, conflict facilitation, visioning, and leadership development. I work locally, and internationally as a coach, facilitator, and consultant, and am based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Along my journey, I have discovered that each individual, as well as each team, holds a field of potential, innate direction, and path toward development. Tapping into and unfolding this intrinsic direction is my passion. This unfolding is unique and multi-leveled, often arising at the fringes of our awareness. I have found that bringing information that is at the edges into view broadens the collective awareness, deepens interactions, enhances creativity, and enriches the culture of individuals and groups. Increasing awareness expands our capacity to flow with challenges, find meaning in difficulty, and embrace and live our full potential.


  • MA and Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology - Process Work Institute (PWI), Portland Oregon,
  • Process-Oriented Coaching and Facilitation - Deep Democracy Institute, Europe & USA
  • Certified Grundkraft Facilitator, Zurich, Switzerland - for teachers to develop self awareness as key to social and professional challenges
  • “Train the trainer” certification through Leaders Empowered, Barcelona, Spain
  • “Mysterium Training for Helping Professionals” with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, focusing on analytical techniques that can be integrated into any form of healing, including developmental, depth, analytical, cognitive, and the expressive art therapies
  • BA in Anthropology - Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Voluntary Roles 

  • Partners for Youth Empowerment, Portland,Oregon - Facilitator 


  • Grundkraft Professional Network 

Magdalena Schatzmann




As a musician and a farmer I am interested in areas beyond the spoken word and I bring this knowledge into projects with Turning Forward in my role as an organisational facilitator and coach. 

My life as a musician embraces classical music, experimental music, improvisation, meditative music and music that supports the processes of individuals and groups. In the 1990s  I taught piano to professional music students at Musikhochschule Bern, Switzerland. For many years I am giving concerts and teaching piano, improvisation and chamber music. I have developed an approach to facilitation with individuals and groups, called tonal mind – with roots in Processwork, deep democracy and unintentional music. 

I have lived and worked in the midst of the powerful forces of nature in the Swiss Alps for over 20 years. 1999 I co-created 'Kulturland' a cultural project on our farm, to host and facilitate creative workshops in nature. Many people have spent time on our farm to learn cheese-making, milk the cows and experience the day to day life of caring for the land and running a farm. 

No longer a hands-on farmer, I continue to play music, create music and teach music alongside my coaching practice for indiviuals and groups. My main focus now is Processwork applied in music. I developed Tonal Mind Coaching, a non rational way to find our inner sources and getting deep answers from an essence level to questions and issues. My joy is to support people to deeply get in touch with their inner nature, and nature around us.

 I love following the mystery of processes with curiosity for the unknown. 



  •  Diploma in piano teaching – Musikhochschule Winterthur, Switzerland  
  • Diploma in performance – Musikhochschule Winterthur CH
  • Masterclasses with internationally renowned composers and musicians
  • Unintentional Music with Lane Arye
  • Ongoing training with the Deep Democracy Institute: Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Coaching and Facilitation with individuals, teams and organisations.


7 Improvisations with Cow Bells


Nader Shabahangi PhD, PW Dipl.



am a coach, teacher, author, clinical supervisor and CEO/founder of AgeSong, a vision-driven approach in eldercare communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

In 1992, I founded the Pacific Institute, a nonprofit organization that defines its mission to help elders live meaningful lives through an existential-humanistic approach to care. In my clinical role, I coach supervise and train interns and professionals in the field. I am also founder of Eldership Academy Press, which Julia and I co-direct. 

I am a frequent guest lecturer, including presenting at international conferences focusing on aging, psychotherapy, and forgetfulness (dementia). In 2003, I authored Faces of Aging, a book challenging stereotypical views of the aging process and of growing old. 


2008 - Co-author Deeper Into the Soul, a book aimed at de-stigmatizing and broadening our understanding of dementia.

2009 -  co-authored Conversations With Ed, a book challenging readers to look at dementia in different ways.

2011 - Elders Today, a photo essay describing the opportunities awaiting us in our second half of life. I

2011 - edited Gems of Wisdom, a book of poems written largely by elders living in assisted living communities throughout California.

2012 and 2014 - Encounters of the Real KindBook I & II, a compilation of stories highlighting Agesong's innovative GeroWellness program where young psychotherapy interns work hand in hand with often very frail and forgetful elders in assisted living communities.

2018 - Ambiguity of Suffering (revised) outlining my research on the importance of understanding the underlying meaning of psychological as well as physical symptoms for individuals - in the evolution of approaches from Freud to Mindell's Process Work. 

Qualifications and awards

  • PhD Stanford University
  • Licensed psychotherapist 
  • The American Society of Aging (ASA) presented AgeSong in 2006 the Excellence in Innovation in Aging award.

Voluntary roles

Current president of the Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI). EHI serves as a training center for interns and professionals in existential-humanistic therapy and was recently awarded by the APA, Division 32, the Charlotte and Karl Buhler Award for an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to humanistic psychology. 


Pierre Morin PhD PW Dipl.


currently work as clinical director and supervisor in a community outpatient mental health program that works with refugees and trauma survivors, in Portland Oregon. As a physician in Switzerland I worked in the fields of coma and brain injury recovery and psychosocial medicine. I am author of “Health in Sickness and Sickness in Health” in which I share my ideas about valuing health and sickness, and discovering our diversity, which includes processes that go beyond the narrow margins of conventional health and normality. I am an international coach and trainer of Process-oriented Psychology and the current co-president of the International Association of Process-oriented Psychology (IAPOP).


  • MD
  • PhD
  • LPC

2015 - Health in Sickness, Sickness in Health 

2010 - Co-author Inside Coma 



Maricela Donahue MA

I am an organizational development consultant, leadership trainer and facilitator. Throughout my career my work has centered on strengthening democratic processes by building the agency and power of marginalized groups.
Over the course of my career I have facilitated leadership and civic engagement trainings for hundreds of youth and grassroots leaders in the U.S., as well as East Africa and Southern Africa.
I have worked extensively in the USA with  community based organizations and youth activists leading campaigns to reform national policies on migration, education, health and more. Since relocating to Botswana in 2014 I have worked with civil society organizations and political parties in the region to advance the participation of women and youth.
My work also encompasses supporting organizations in strategic and organizational planning. I has partnered with the Ministry of Education in Botswana to develop a strategic framework for agencies serving people with disabilities.
I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English.


Masters of Arts in Peace and Conflict Resolution
Bachelor’s in Political Science