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We are committed to and love helping you build your capacity to lead from your dreams, work out your complications and get results. We try to make what we do transparent and available to you to learn and develop in your own way. We work with your assigned project lead(s) to design applications tailored to your context, purpose and culture. We give equal emphasis to real world constraints and results, to subjective feelings and hot spots, and visions and dreams that light the way and sustain the journey. 

Deep democracy facilitation

A team or community problem is often carried by a person, and personal health and social issues belong to the whole community. 

Max Schupbach

We facilitate highly interactive experiences in real time on real issues. Our dynamic roles method supports the various polarities and perspectives to become visible and felt, and to interact and problem solve – as inner work, between people and in teams and large complex multi-stakeholder groups. 

In facilitated multi-stakeholder Open Forum style events, learn to interact with polarised viewpoints, experience what it is like on the other side of the fence and become more at home with fresh and frank exchange that helps the whole move forward.


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Depth Coaching

Every time you work to free yourself from a sense of internal oppression, you begin to transform the cultures you live in.

Arnold Mindell, Sitting in the Fire

Our coaching approach begins wherever you are at: be it personal health and agency, team work, relationship, conflict, power dynamics, community and leadership development. We view these areas as one interactive system. A movement at one level has a ripple effect throughout the organisation. In this sense, the functions of care, cleaning, gardening, paper work, environment, management and leadership for example, are equally important. The people you serve can more easily surf the ups and downs of life – because everyone supporting them is doing it too.

Facilitate more flow and effectivenes: Whole-service coaching program 

Your inner state influences the people and world around you

world wisdom

Create momentum across the system through your supervisors, leaders, and those carrying areas of responsibility sending a ripple effect throughout. The coaching process focuses on getting to know personal strengths and talents, learning to spar with inner critics and limiting beliefs, guide and teach others to be effective in their role and learn to catch the moment – when to relax, when to be alert and precise, when to be forthright and when to have no idea! Learn to trust and use your inner signals to lead using your unique personal style in your professional life and in daily living.

Facilitate self-navigation:  Individual coaching 

Get to know the muscles in your own voice, and play your unique tune

spirit of learning

 Our process-oriented coaching brings flow in multiple directions and helps to befriend complications. Awaken your innate powers. Go inside, and connect to your inner ground. Detach, and gain a larger perspective to look back at your situation from nature’s view, and the viewpoint of those you are interconnected with. Get to know your unique, ever-present pattern and gain skills to use it to help yourself and your world. We coach on-site and online. An affordable resource for individuals, leaders, teams and practitioners interested in personal and professional growth, for a joyous life, to relieve misery and help our world.

Facilitate Big Health: Health, wellness and clinical coaching

Our clinical coach Dr Pierre Morin coined the term Big Health to show how the community attitudes and disparities impact individual health, and the role of communities in healing the personal/social divides. From time to time, individuals (staff, leaders, anyone… ) may encounter a physical or mental health concern, loss and sadness, or the pressures of caring for a person close to you. We offer clinical coaching with a medically and psychologically qualified coach to  review your situation, needs and options. A learning space to gain new insight, access support from others and access your own inner resources. 

Facilitate career transitioning: coaching for the staff and for HR 

At times, a co-worker may decide to, or is required to leave the organisation or shift role. The exit interview is an opportunity to get vital feedback, but too late for it to make a difference! We assist staff on the brink of change to make the path smoother, less acrimony, and discover that “even though difficult, this change also has something in it that is right for me”. What goes round, comes around.You never know where or when you might meet this person again, and wish you had done a little more to part on better terms. 

JoinU coaching

Client coaching 

See me, look for me, come in search of me - I am here, even if you can't at first see me, I want to be known and live my deepest dreams

We uniquely apply JoinU methods in using the Personal Outcome quality of life indicators to ensure the broadest possible life options and results with and for the person. 

Depth coaching with and for individuals reliant on services, their families, teams and networks 

Quality of life framework using Personal Outcome Measures as railings 

CQL Personal Outcome Measures Discovery and Assessment is a quality of life tool and measure to assess personal priorities for a great life that is also a safe life. The Personal Outcomes discovery process helps you to focus on where the person’s dreams and quality of life priorities are, and to get an accurate sense of the areas staff, family and others in the person’s network can help to facilitate. 


Often the quality of life of people who rely on services and supports is measured according to organisational inputs and services. Do we really know the impact and relevance of our good efforts from the perspective of this person’s view of his or her own life priorities, independent of what the service offers? 


We develop capacity for using the Personal Outcome Measures® tool, for discovering, facilitating and measuring the responsiveness of services and systems to the person’s self-defined life priorities to address the past, for now and in the future. The tool measures personal quality of life, using indicators that are universally shared by human beings generally. The data from a single person’s experience experience can also be aggregated across a whole organisation or system through statistically reliable sampling.

Support me, with what is most important TO me, don't assume you know what is best FOR me

Conflict: prevention, engagement, aftermath

Unprocessed conflict is like CO2 in the atmosphere - things heat up. It costs money and energy and is exhausting! ​

Inspired by Amy Mindell

Conflict coaching

Facilitate conversations + learn skills to interact directly – alone/with others  on a conflict, a slight disturbance, or fear of a conflict erupting. It may not be right or may even be impossible to work on the conflict with your actual opponent. Inner conflict tools can help, with unexpected insights and relief. 

For leaders

Power assessment and coaching 

No matter what our positional power—status, role, wealth, or even size—it’s our inner sense of personal power that matters most when it comes to using power well.

Julie Diamond

360° developmental coaching tool for leaders. Self-awareness involves not just knowing your strengths and weaknesses, but also knowing the impact these have on those around you. For leaders, this makes a critical difference in their effectiveness. The Diamond Power Index® is a multi-rater leadership assessment which provides insight into a leader’s impact by evaluating how others experience their use of power. A number of our coaches use this very comprehensive power assessment as a developmental coaching tool.  

On-the-spot leadership support

We are on tap for the unexpected.

We are with you: for the short term and over the long haul 

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