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Posted by admin on July 10, 2017




Calling all facilitators, coaches, artists, activists, politicians, leaders, practitioners, farmers, entrepreneurs, change agents and dreamers in any field and on your doorstep as well as in the world. Please join us in Kyiv for the Deep Democracy Institute Facilitation Intensive. I adore Kyiv, her friendliness, beauty and youthful spirit emerging from the grit and survival powers of her amazing people. Contact me or DDI for more info. 



The question on many people's minds 

My answer: As safe as anywhere on this planet. To me, Kyiv has a village feel. Open streets, friendly people, lots of parklands and spots to eat, enjoy and marvel at this incredible culture and its iconic heritage. 


Here's a photo-taster to whet your appetite. Maybe you too will fall in love with this ancient city, the bridge between east and west, emerging from hardship with grit, open heart, and entrepreneurial creativity and flare:

(Thanks to my dear friend and colleague Yulia Fillipovska, DDI Director Ukraine, for the photos)