I am thankful to my teachers for radiating a love for all beings and for helping me develop and be more related with myself, others and the world around me. Their legacy has made it easier for me to use barriers in myself, between us humans, in the living and built world in this age of the anthropocene, to bring my inspirations to life. 

Arnold and Amy Mindell

The core of my approach to facilitation, coaching and conflict work is Arnold Mindell's processwork. Deep democracy - a term he coined in 1972 - is a guesthouse attitude permeating processwork methods, that welcomes all parts of experience and all states of being in encouraging people and communities to evolve - equally important are tangible reality, subjective experience, and the power of deepest fleeting essences in transfromational change:

Creating freedom, community and viable relationships has its price. It costs time and courage to learn how to sit in the fire of diversity. It means staying centred in the heat of trouble….if you step into leadership or facilitatorship without this learning, you may spend your time recapitulating the blunders of history – Arnold Mindell 

Processwork has roots in Jungian psychology's body-dreaming connection, physic's relativity and entanglement principles, and timeless indigenous wisdom of the interconnectedness between nature, the cosmos, people and community. Arnold Mindell and colleagues have been developing and validating deep democracy methods for over 40 years, and continue to update and expand applications around the world in many diverse fields including leadership and organisations. A deep democracy attitude  welcomes facts, feelings and deepest essences in people, the collective and the environment. Diversity and tensions are nature's way to the temporary experience of wholeness and community.

Ellen and Max Schupbach 

I am enriched beyond measure through learning with Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach, Dr. Ruth Weyermann and Dr Josef Helbling, faculty of the Deep Democracy Institute. Max is, along with Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell a co-founder of Processwork, with a pioneering contrbution in the field of leadership, organisation and global conflict work. Max and Ellen are co-founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, an international think-feel tank with leadership programs and projects in the Palestinian West Bank, Ukraine, Russia, Kenya, Middle East, South East Asia, San Francisco and EuropeInterview on Worldwork methods and Deep Democracy. 
The Deep Democracy Institute consults, researches and teaches deep democracy perspectives, methods and tools in organisation and leadership innovations in public, private, government and non-government organisations, as well as political parties.





Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science set me on a life-long adventure to connect wholeness in myself, in the universe and in our shared humanity, through practical work in local associations active in inspired, practical intiatives - therapeutic, educational, land-based, entrepeneurial and organisational:

Spirit is never without matter, matter is never without spirit.  

We must turn our criticism of our present day civilisation inward and learn to think differently. Then external social conditions will change their present form – Rudolf Steiner




Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire's discoveries while working with disenfranchised land workers in Brasil, led to self-powered changes in the conditions of their lives and their society. His method of liberation through literacy encouraged me to expand ways of resisting helplessness through noticing, reflecting, interacting and deciding how to act to transfomr existing circumstances:

True generosity lies in striving so that these hands – whether of individuals or entire peoples – need to be extended less and less in supplication, so that more and more they become human hands which work, and working, transform the world – Paulo Freire