Shepherds Ground on-line learning hub: Befriending Conflict

1. Brief intro to the Process Work conflict paradigm – conflict as a meaningful entry to emerging identities, conflict phases, edges to conflict, befriending conflict
2. Light hearted skit to show escalation-deescalation
3. Q and A – work with real life situations from participants

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Awareness Pageant 2018 – DDI Nairobi, Kenya

Presenters: Dr Xenia Kuleshova and Dr Julia Wolfson 

We invite you to join us for a weekend of Deep Democracy practice and learning. Deep Democracy, aka Process Work, is both a life-enriching attitude and an extensive skillset which can be applied to personal health, community health, conflicts and relationships. The learning path of a deep democracy coach – facilitator – leader connects you to your deepest inspirations and innate talents as the core of your unique fate and journey, and destiny for the world at large.Each day, we will first demonstrate and then practice in a special area, and then showcase them for our awareness pageant. The winners will get a big applause and a little surprise.

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