Depth coaching with a client: a processwork training seminar – Deep Democracy Institute, Bangkok

Presenters: Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach

This weekend is a training for coaches and students focused on working with individual clients. We will demonstrate and practice how to discover and understand hidden information in the presenting issues of our clients, assist them in unfolding the deeper meaning and connect them to the dreaming power in their lives. The traditional depth psychology approach of Freud and Jung draws this information from night dreams only. Mindell’s research allows us to also approach body symptoms, relationship issues and other experiences with the same mindset and skills applied to night dreams, using them to discover “the Process”.

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Diamond Power Index Certification – Melbourne

Presenter: Dr. Julie Diamond
“Positional power is your license to act, but personal power is your ability to lead.Your personal power is critical to your performance as a leader. Research shows that to become truly effective you need to develop your personal power—a power that is unrelated to outer status, rank, or position. The most effective leaders are those who are guided by a sense of personal power. The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) is a 360º leadership assessment that provides insight into how you and those around you experience your use of power. The DPI helps identify critical opportunities related to how you use power—personal and positional—and provides actionable suggestions for development to lead more effectively, improve team culture, and achieve sustained success for your organization and your career”. Julie Diamond 

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A “Sacred Creative Space” for Conflict and Peace – Mindells in Berlin

At Diversity and Relationship: Focus Empathy Conference
Presenters: Drs Amy and Arny Mindell

Around the world, processwork has helped people with inner work and outer diversity tensions and conflicts. We now realize, that working with yourself and others requires 1st basic trainings, cognitive skills,  and also a 2nd Training — or what we understand is a “SACRED-CREATIVE SPACE”. We will focus on Processwork’s basic 1st and (updated) 2nd advanced Training. This new work brings “sacred creative spaces” and “nonlocality” to the foreground of reality. New understandings of quantum nonlocality and the Taoist, Lao’s Tse’s not-doing, will help us “commune with nature” and facilitate inner work, relationships, group, and world tensions.

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