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Relational Care: Transforming ourselves and empowering each other – Agesong, San Francisco

Facilitator: Dr. Julia Wolfson

In this dynamic learning hub event we will introduce and play with the Phases map, an exciting new process guide developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell – easy to learn and use straight away. The Phases map is a simple way to be true to yourself and responsive to the people and situations to whom you are in service. Anyone can use it – elders of any age – because we are all essentially human – care partners, elders, family members, support staff, and leaders. 

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Creative Resilience – Deep Democracy Institute, San Francisco

Presenters: Drs Ellen and Max Schupbach

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how Process Work and Deep Democracy methods can be used to find your essence – beyond identity, culture and even human form – and develop detachment from the daily polarizations of our outer world and the mind chatter of our inner worlds. This gives rise to new creative and surprising insights, unpredicted directions and magically emerging energy and happiness due to the experience of rediscovering yourself.

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