Talking Paper  

Turning Forward is the proud owner, manufacturer and distributor of Talking Paper products. To place an order or make an inquiry, please email me from any location in the world. Your order will be posted within 24 hours. For orders within Australia, please check my calendar as easier to send when I am in Australia. 

Turning Forward endorsed facilitators 

David Bryson, Shirli Kirschner and I offer Talking Paper facilitations, coaching, design and training tailored to your needs. Feel welcome to contact any of us.

David Bryson 

David: Since 2000 my business has specialised in workplace dispute resolution. My abiding professional interest is facilitating underlying change in people and the organisations they inhabit. I have an increasing respect and love for Talking Paper – it is deeply human and extraordinarily effective in all contexts.

I am a nationally accredited mediator with LEADR, a conflict coach, and an accredited Myers Briggs (MBTI) practitioner. I have written widely on Alternative dispute Resolution (ADR) practice and conduct conflict resolution and strategic negotiation training with Resolve Advisors (Australia), and accredited mediation training with Bond University. I was formerly Assistant Commissioner of Equal Opportunity in Victoria. I also work as a Conciliator with the Victorian Accident Compensation Conciliation Service.

I studied African social anthropology at Oxford University and completed post-graduate studies in organisational change consulting in Melbourne.


Talking Paper facilitation stationery

What we stock

Talking Paper stationery pads hold 50 cards per pad. One wall size poster can hold about 25 cards comfortably. All pads cost $4.50 + GST. All other stationery prices are marked below. Postage and packaging are charged at cost. We add a $10.00 handling fee for orders under $100.00

One stop shop

Turning Forward can service the full range of your facilitation stationery needs. Please let us know if you have a regular (or rare!) item that you would like us to stock.

Start-up kits

Start-up kits include:

8 x ovals in four colours

2 x hexagons in yellow and white

2 x arrows in yellow and white

2 x headers in yellow and white

1 roll masking tape

12 x black calligraphy pens

3 x repositionable glue sticks

1x box coloured adhesive dots

Talking paper manual

Cost - $230.00 + GST

Talking Paper facilitation is an art and a science with deep and rich process structures in the background that require some understanding, training and practice. You may have seen a consummate Talking Paper facilitator in full flight - it looks deceptively simple! If you are new to Talking Paper, I recommend attending a hands-on training with me or an approved Turning Forward trainer in the practice of Talking Paper. If you can't get to a training, the Talking Paper manual introduces the principles and ethics behind the methodology and some step-by-step practical applications. David, Shirli and I want to support you to develop your own style with fluidity and ease, using of this wondrous participative facilitation methodology. You are welcome to contact me for more information about training opportunities.


Yellow oval pad

Tip: Yellow is proven to be the easiest background colour on the eye, to see from a distance, so yellow is good for the topic or category that will require the greatest number of cards.


Green oval pad


Blue oval pad

(out of stock)


Pink oval pad


Fluoro orange oval pad

Fluoro pink oval pad


White oval pad


Yellow hexagon pad

White hexagon pad

Yellow arrow pad

White arrow pad

Yellow rectangle header pad

White rectangle header pad


Repositionable glue sticks

25 gm net - $9.00 + GST

Tip: Draw a grid with your glue stick over the whole poster, including the corners, so that every card touches the grid and sticks well.

Felt calligraphy pen - Available in 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mm sizes.

Box of 12 - $65.00 + GST

Tip: Non-bleed no smell, beautiful for participants to write with on talking paper cards, visible from the back row and photograph well.

Masking tape - $3.50 + GST

Stick your large posters on the wall without leaving marks, or peeling the paint off.

Tip: Use 8 cm strips on upper corners of poster, placed vertically, for ease of moving posters around quickly during a session.

Invisible tape $ 10.00 + GST

Tip: Excellent for taping down posters after a session, so that cards stay put when posters are rolled up or transported, or left up on the wall for a length of time.

Adhesive dots in red, green, blue, orange, black $3.50 + GST

Tip: Great for dot voting, prioritising, and categorising.


Facilitators handbook - in colour. $100.00 + GST. Created by Julia Wolfson.


To read about the theory and practice of the Talking Paper process and how to use the stationery, read Talking Paper Overview which I wrote with Sandra Fowkes, who first introduced me to the elegant Metaplan process in South Africa, from which I have developed Talking Paper. A handbook for practitioners is also available: Using Talking Paper.

Have fun with the stationery

Have fun playing with and inventing ways to use Talking Paper. You are welcome to contact me in case you are interested in some training to develop confidence using in depth skills and applications for effective and participative dialogue in diverse cultural and content-based settings, and to suit your situation whether from the back of a truck, under a tree, in a training room or board room. I can also refer you to approved Turning Forward facilitators and trainers who have proven success and outstanding abilities using Talking Paper processes. 


Thank you dear friend and colleague Sandra Fowkes who first introduced me to Metaplan, the mother of Talking Paper, during our grass roots work in the New South Africa in the early 1990's.

Thank you to Nataniel Wolfson who set up the manufacturing process for producing the Talking Paper pads locally at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. Thank you to our local saddle maker at Boorowa NSW, who cuts the pads for us from the saddle making dye cutter on his farm.

Thank you lovely customers, who enable us to keep the business going, and supply you with this hand-made product. Special gratitude to you loyal regulars who continue to support Talking Paper over many years, even with the arrival of IBM large and colourful post-it notes! Your encouragement and belief in our product's contribution to a kinder, fairer experience of problem solving in our world keeps us going with joy! You know who you are! xx