Transform & Blossom

Transform and Blossom is a co-learning framework for skilling-up and promoting down your best in-house people to specialise in one of three interconnected areas of expertise: JoinU, Facilitation, Conflict. Transform and Blossom is essentially a train the trainer model. You learn it, you lead it, you live it and coach it. With our guidance, coaching, and your own creativity you learn–by–doing, you internalise the mindset shifts and update thought patterns. Overtime, and with friendly and direct support, you gradually develop new habitsYou gain confidence and ground to guide and support others in this arena you love. You become less afraid and more joyful and curious to show up with your full self as a co-learner and team ally on a shared path of discovery and transformation. 

JoinU Competence

Inner power: Love-based curiosity: Asking, learning, following. For example, JoinU discovery process for self-powered impact in the lives of people reliant on support. We coach and train in-house JoinU coaches to guide and support JoinU practitioners providing frontline support to people of mixed abilities, states of mind and ages. The basic idea is that services build a culture of friendliness and a learning attitude to diversity, from bottom up, top down and across all interactions. . Join U is the core of Transform and Blossom. 

Passivity, intimidation and aggression are a result of poor use of personal power and positional power and rank. This often stems not from malice, but lack of good role models, rigid systems, and fear or reprisal and the unfamiliar. JoinU role models embody the attitude: Teach me what I need to shift in me, so I can accompany you to follow your inner direction.  

The only person who truly knows if, when and how quality care and services are present, is the person reliant on support. Everything stands and falls on her/his/their experience. JoinU is designed for all members and systems of Parzival to actively learn to join the person in their experience, and in so doing, join their own inner navigator. Hence JoinU is a two way and multi-way human interaction. The JoinU Discovery Pathway is how the team learns to enter the person’s dreaming, priorities, life situation, and preferences.

JoinU coaches develop capacity to show up as their full self in any situation. Rather than pathologise and decide what is wrong with this or that person, a JoinU coach starts with the premise that whatever is happening has something meaningful and emergent hidden within the difficulty. JoinU coaches role model this attitude, so the air that everyone breathes makes it easier and more joyful to learn, grow skills and have more joy. The goal is to shift conditions that stop the person reliant on support having a life rich with purpose, friendship and contribution. 

JoinU role models learn to coach and support the person’s staff and team lead, so that in turn they can read the  information system around every person. One level of information is present in finding out what is present, and what matters to the person in various quality of life domains:  natural support network, best possible health, safety, access to resources, choices and opportunities, friends, belonging, pursuing dreams, meaningful work or career, ongoing learning. In addition JoinI coaches and practitioners learn to read sensory grounded signals for information that is not seen and said, but felt, longed for, liked and disliked. A third dimension of information  reveals the deepest inspirations that move this person. 

This is JoinU. U is the big YOU, bringing out your full self and blossoming! I join U, so I can follow your signals on your path of joy. and I get to join my U, and bring my fill self to grow and become the person who can follow you and create a world we both want to live in. JoinU is a garden to grow to grow in. 

A JoinU practitioner:

Facilitation Competence

Inner power: Facilitating collaboration: Inner and outer teams, and multi stakeholder groups. For example, facilitating public Open Forums around a high priority topic with divergent viewpoints, and helping to move things forward by giving space to interact and go deeper into the tough stuff.

We view facilitation as an art ease and flow in navigating the practical and emotional landscape, and make space for the hidden beauty wanting to emerge.  What happens on the inside is a mirror of the outside and visa versa. The facilitator’s inner experience, the person-helper dyad, person and team, team and culture, leadership, organisation and world are all interconnected and influencing each other. To facilitate with this awareness is a path of ongoing study and learning. It requires analytical skills, psychological bandwidth and  a feel for the intangibles to bring more flow and self-balancing into any situation.  

You will learn to use your unique navigator style to move with agility from situation to situation and turn any situation into a learning opportunity. You will learn to facilitate Process Work’s energising role play method to help differentiate perspectives, deepen the interaction, find common ground and move things forward. Using this method, anyone one any side of an issue can step into another perspective and get greater insight. This prevents scapegoating individuals, and makes it easier to get to shared solutions with a generative enthusiasm. You will develop a learning attitude to questions and problems. A small mind shift can shift the status quo and make a big difference! 

Conflict Competence

Inner power: Making conflict fruitful: the meaning in the mess. For example: conflict as frozen fragment of an emerging new identity. Facilitating flow into stuck situations that unlocks creativity and more connection as a martial art.

Conflict is a fragment of a larger process wanting to emerge; captured and frozen in time. Become skilled in navigating the DDI conflict cycle, and Arnold Mindell’s phases concept. Learn to identify the phase the conflict is in, and the intervention to suit the moment. Coach your inner and and outer critics to become your allies. Learn to flow with difficulties. Ride the ups and downs with more ease, agency and blossoming. 

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