What we do 


Be the student of change, not the maker of change - Arnold Mindell 

Using a deep democracy paradigm developed by Arnold Mindell and colleagues, learn to facilitate yourself, your team and large groups based on what is actually happening inside and outside. Discover your timeless vision and the practical path towards it that is uniquely yours. Create momentum through a spirit of appreciation for all parts of a situation, including the aspects you dont like or don't identify readily with. Develop practices that can be put to use straight away in every day situations. Uncork your personal vitality. Learn methods to engage with tension, welcome the unexpected and relieve stress. Become a student of change as it happens, moment-to-moment.  Life+work+meaning+play = 1 = you, me, us in the universe

We work with you to design courses and processes tailored to your  context, purpose and culture. Our multi-dimensional approach embraces three dimensions of experience: real world facts, subjective feelings and inner fire to light the way and sustain your journey. 


Our specialties: 


  • Complex, multi-layered interactions made easier 
  • Connect to your inner ground, befriend complications, and gain a larger perspective 
  • Dynamic learning hubs for case consults and team supervision 
  • Conflict capability - learn to use your unique diversity skills on the spot 
  • Discover and develop your style as a practitioner, supervisor, leader
  • Develop a purposeful role guide - a use-as-you-go job description with a difference


Transforming custodial care environments 

In transitions from custodial care to self-powered people and communities, personal development and team development go together:

  • Awareness - Notice, notice, notice. Mind, body, movement and feelings are perception channels. Relationships and the world are information channels. Understanding and transforming self and world involves multi-channeled awareness. Take ownership for my lot: befriend my nature. Be a leader of my own life. Learn to drop in and out fluidly in navigating the ups and downs of life.
  • Human dignity first - Invite those who have been hurt by oppressive systems to lead the way in  restoring dignity and respect in our interactions, atmosphere and systems.  Hand control back to people for determining their own lives is the pivot of all systems change. Create systems and individualised supports in repossess to what matters to actual people. Learn by asking. 
  • Historical tensions and wounds in the background - How can organisations thrive without hurting people? Transform wounds of the past into present-day solutions . 
  • Solutions - Today, practical skills and linear plans are not enough to solve complex human, environmental and global problems - whether in a small team or a nation. Psychological and spiritual dimensions of experience are an integral part of navigating to the destination. 
  • Purpose - Burnum Burnum, indigenous elder apparently said: When we die we meet the guardian of threshold who stands at the portal into the spiritual world. We have to meet the guardian to be able to cross over. The guardian asks a question: did you enjoy your life?

Leadership development

 In our view, leadership has inner and outer dimensions:
  • Self - Discover and follow your dream. Befriend your multi-dimensional self to interact with the wholeness of the world in your team, your organisation and your community
  • Diversity - Inclusion embraces the voices of all perspectives,  including feelings, deepest dreams and aspirations. Bring your inner diversity as well as the diversity in your situation, into your leadership style. 
  • Transforming history - Learn to process the wounds of history as global stories hidden inside tensions and problems. 
  • Collaboration - Learn facilitation skills and practices to make it easier to facility yourself, your team and large groups. Learn to use conflict navigation methods suited to your own authentic style. 
  • Entrepeneurial mindset - Use skills to function successfully in the world of business, government, education, family, community and social enterprise. Develop your approach to passing on these skills in building up the leadership of others. 

Organisational vibrancy and coherence

  • Discovering your personal/organisational signature
  • Grass roots organising and policy development 
  • Leadership development for all 
  • Project design and implemention 
  • Good governance and board development
  • Resource-sharing partnerships and networks 
  • Entrepreneurship - small business and enterprise development
We facilitate integrated conflict navigation systems:
  • Facilitated conversations
  • Mediations
  • Conflict coaching
  • Tools for conflict engagement, prevention and resolution 
  • Large group, multi-stakeholder open forums on hot topics
  • Conflict-savvy systems design and development
Personal development within your professional practice
  • Positve practice in enabling people reliant on support to pursue a self-powered, meaningful life in an enriching network of relationships and community opportunities. 
  • Diversity awareness, communication awareness and diversity of learning styles 
  • Conflict awareness, navigating tensions and conflict
  • Group work, team work 
  • Effective and enjoyable meetings
  • Supervising others 
  • Abuse recognition, prevention and responsiveness 

Human-centred policy development

We assist you to create your policies, role descriptions, organisational communication mapping and HR processes using a multi-stakeholder and multi-dimensional mindset:

  • Understand policies and procedures as an inner direction in an outer, accountable form.
  • Assess existing policies and procedures, and adjust to contain the vision of the organisation.
  • Update existing policies and procedures and create new ones though multi-stakeholder engagement.