#8 JoinU in Camphill Village, Botswana

Join me in conversation with Wetsho Mosokwe in Otse, not far from Gabarone in Botswana. Wetsho is a social worker at Camphill Village Trust – a learning centre with and for people of mixed ages, abilities and interests. Wetsho reflects on some of the similarities and differences with the years […]

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#6 N for No and Numb

I work around the world mainly in human service organisations (and now in covid online world!) with people of all ages,  in cities, in the bush, the desert and in villages. Caregivers and support workers are the day in day out frontline heart workers, often working in very tough conditions, low […]

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#4 Deep power: Transform and Blossom

The idea of deep power is a game changer. At the very least it’s the starting point for changing the conversation, and that in turn, can change the world of everyone who lives and works in a service-provider environment. Rather than advocating sweeping reform strategies, my book Applying Deep Democracy in Human […]

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#3 Oh no, I’m toast! Lessons in power

If you FEEL weak in a leadership role, you’re toast. According to international Power expert Julie Diamond, here’s why: Poor decision making, too caught up in your own feelings and failing to think of what’s best for others Hiding your mistakes, faking knowledge out of fear of being found out Feeling cornered and […]

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