Deep Democracy, Dreams and your Body – DDI Seminar

PRESENTERS: Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach
In this three-day seminar, we will demonstrate and practice skills for working with acute and chronic experiences of body symptoms to find their connections to the Dreaming Process, the underlying deeper narrative of your personal journey and development.  Awareness and understanding of your deep nature and how it manifests in your current life situation is a key source of information for creativity in your everyday life that can support innovative changes in your professional, relationship and physical lifestyles.

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A “Sacred Creative Space” for Conflict and Peace – Mindells in Berlin

At Diversity and Relationship: Focus Empathy Conference
Presenters: Drs Amy and Arny Mindell

Around the world, processwork has helped people with inner work and outer diversity tensions and conflicts. We now realize, that working with yourself and others requires 1st basic trainings, cognitive skills,  and also a 2nd Training — or what we understand is a “SACRED-CREATIVE SPACE”. We will focus on Processwork’s basic 1st and (updated) 2nd advanced Training. This new work brings “sacred creative spaces” and “nonlocality” to the foreground of reality. New understandings of quantum nonlocality and the Taoist, Lao’s Tse’s not-doing, will help us “commune with nature” and facilitate inner work, relationships, group, and world tensions.

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Big health, big medicine: for personal health, team health and community health – Soltane, Glenmoore Pennsylvania

Presenter: Dr. Pierre Morin 

In this workshop we will explore the power of internalized community values andconceptions of health and medicine and their effect on personal, team and communitywell-being. We will reflect on the various normative body, health and identity politicsand introduce skills that foster health of everyone involved. Through an approach calledbig health and big medicine, we will explore new ways of relating to our ownbody/social experiences and relating with health concerns of students, residents andtheir family members.The workshop format will include theory, stories, individual and group exercises, and astime permits, fishbowl demonstrations with participants on specific questions/issuesfrom daily life at Soltane.

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