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Open Sesame: The Process at the Edge – Deep Democracy Institute, Bangkok

Presenters: Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach

Come and co-create an exploration and training space to learn together how to expand the individual and cultural boundaries of your own identity, to coach others on their edges, and to use Deep Democracy facilitation with teams and organizations at the edge – looking for the courage to venture on the journey of change.

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Deep Democracy, Dreams and your Body – DDI Seminar

PRESENTERS: Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach
In this three-day seminar, we will demonstrate and practice skills for working with acute and chronic experiences of body symptoms to find their connections to the Dreaming Process, the underlying deeper narrative of your personal journey and development.  Awareness and understanding of your deep nature and how it manifests in your current life situation is a key source of information for creativity in your everyday life that can support innovative changes in your professional, relationship and physical lifestyles.

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